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Avionics & Electronics Products

Order Direct from Butler National's Avionics & Electronics Company, Woodson Avionics, Inc.

Our high quality products, industry leading pricing and "Honor Service" make make BNC Avionics and Electronics Products the value leader in their catagories.

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Avionics Switching Systems
These ultra reliable switches have been used in the cockpits of commercial aircraft since 1968.

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We are interested in new or existing avionics products that may benefit from our proven capabilities. If this concept is of interest to you or your company, please contact:

Warren Wagoner, Plant Manager
Butlen National Avionics & Electronics Division
4854 S. Ash Avenue
Tempe, AZ 85282
(480) 491-5551
Fax (480) 491-5352

Avionics Transient Suppression Devices
The Butler TSD is used to prevent an excessive transient electrical surge from entering fuel tanks through FQIS wiring.

  • An inexpensive, easy to install AMOC to AD 98-20-40 only for Boeing 747 Classic Aircraft equipped with the Honeywell FQIS.
  • Passive TSD prevents unsafe levels of electrical energy from entering the fuel tanks on FQIS system wiring - TSD mounted at TANK WALL.
  • Installation can be completed during scheduled overnight maintenance (8 MAN HOURS).
  • The TSD operates seamlessly to the Honeywell FQIS.

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